Guide for choosing the right megaphone

Megaphones and Bullhorns are basically interchangeable terms these days, but originally old-style megaphones were large cones that could amplify your voice. Most of today's megaphones and bullhorns are amplified with electric power and can amplify and project your voice much further than the old-style type. When purchasing a megaphone you need to consider a few things to make the best choice.

Factors to consider when purchasing a megaphone

Why are there such price differences in megaphones?

The Fanon brand is more durable because of heavier duty hardware such as triggers and general components. Also, you can get any replacement parts needed for all of their models and they have a service dept. that can repair broken megaphones. Because of this, you can keep a Fanon megaphone operating for many years and you don't have to toss it if it breaks after the initial one year warranty. Other brands do not offer replacement parts or service after the initial warranty is over.

Will you be using the megaphone indoors or outdoors?

Most indoor applications will not require as large a unit as an outdoor use would, unless you would be in a very large indoor space such as a large auditorium or arena. For many indoor uses, a small unit such as the Champion MP4W or the Fanon MP-5 would be sufficient. If the space is large and noisy then a louder unit such as the Champion MP12W, MP16W or the Fanon MV-16S or Fanon MV-20S would be recommended.
If you are outdoors in a small area that is not very noisy then a small unit would work fine, but if the area has a lot of  background noise such as a city street then a megaphone that is more powerful would be needed.

Will you be speaking more than a few sentences at a time?

Megaphones with batteries installed can be a bit heavy to hold up in front of your face for any extended period of time. Some of the larger units can weigh 4 lbs or more. It can be like holding a brick in front of your face for 10 minutes. If you will be speaking for any longer periods then you should consider the detachable mic model such as the Champion MP16W or Fanon MV-20S;These megaphones will hang from your shoulder or they can be placed on a table or on the ground. No need to hold a big heavy unit up in front of your face when speaking, and it allows for easy eye contact with your audience.

Do you need a megaphone with the loudest possible volume?

The loudest megaphone available in the Champion line is the MP16W and in the Fanon line is the MV-20S. The detachable microphone allows for louder volume because the mic is separate from the speaker unit which helps to control feed-back. Feed-back squelch is a common problem with all megaphones, but it can be minimized with this detachable mic feature.
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